Who we are?

We are Ukrainian start-up working in the military domain. We helped Ukrainian Army as volunteers during 2014-2015 years.

Now we provide the engineering for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Our current projects contain the development, retrofit and repair of  light armor vehicles and electronic warfare devices.

Light Armor Vehicles

Retrofit of ex-USSR armored personnel carrier BTR-60

Cost effective modernization solution targeted to retrofitting the wide range of outdated ex. USSR infantry armored personnel carriers BTR-60 and its generics.

Modernization Level:
  • total replacement of 2 main gasoline engines to 2 modern diesel engines with increased power and torque;
  • completely new turret;
  • enhanced anti-mine armor protection;
  • enhanced hatch system;
  • upgraded optic & navigation systems

optimal offer for development countries market.

Evacuation Ambulance MT-LBuS

Evacuation Ambulance MT-LBuS is designed to search, collect wounded people, to give them the first aid and first aid straight on the battlefield. As well, to transport the wounded people from a battlefield, or a center of contamination or destruction with subsequent evacuation to medical units. Also, the Ambulance carries medical assets.

Anti-RPG Cages

Slat armor designed to protect light armor vehicles against anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attacks. Our cages were used for protection of ‘BTRs’ during combat operations in the eastern Ukraine during 2014-2015 years. Official tests of Ukrainian Army confirmed more than 60% effectiveness of the cages against RPG-7.

Electronic Warfare Devices

GNSS RF-inhibitor for anti-UAV purposes

Officially supplied to Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Anti-UAV Vehicle ‘GRIF’

Jammer & RF-Inhibitor 230 MHz … 3000 MHz + all diapasons WiFi (optional up 6000 MHz)
Radio frequency monitoring unit 230 MHz … 3000 MHz based on mast (12 m) and tethered drone (75 m)
Radar detection of UAV on the distance up to 10 km
Recognizing & identification on the base on night and day very long range camera
Light armored vehicle chassis

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45-v Honchara St. 01054, Kyiv, Ukraine
tel. +380(44) 498 7388,
fax: +380(44) 498 7385

Director: Vadym Kodachyhov

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